I WILL DIRECT AND PRODUCE YOUR MUSIC VIDEO FOR FREE. The only catch? You have to be awesome!
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There is no music video with no music! Let's hear your song. Must be a song that you can actually send me that isn't tied up by any legal shenanigans. Your music is safe with me. I'm more than happy to sign anything you want to make you believe it. I respect your property.


Show me how fabulous you look! I don't care about anything meaningless like your weight or how well you fit into stupid limiting cultural norms, I want to see that you have style. If this video is going to look great, you gotta look great too! But don't forget - the only thing better than a photo is a video! (Isn't that why we're here?)


My services cost zero dollars and zero cents... but the rest of the world doesn't love you and your music as much as I do. Studios, cameras, lights, costumes, and props will set you back some cha-ching - and we want our wonderful crew to remember that we took great care of them. No money, no problem - but be prepared, because we're going to make a plan to get the cash we need to make your music video happen.


Lindsay Penn

Lindsay Penn

Music Video Director

Lindsay Penn (that’s me!) is a web video content editor and producer in Los Angeles, CA. She produced her own content on YouTube under the name “Linzer Dinzer” before working as senior editor and associate producer for WTFark and So That Happened on Ora TV. Since then she has gone solo, directing music videos and exploring the realm of alternative video formats for social media.

Penn has a variety of hometowns – she was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has also lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, Thousand Oaks, California, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of North Texas in 2012 (cum laude), and received her Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail in 2013 (salutatorian).

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Recent Work

Recent Work

Alyssa Marie's "No Strings Attached"

Fans or dollars? Alyssa Marie’s “No Strings Attached” is a surreal exploration of the inner conflict of the independent artist; to pursue respect or to pursue success. The challenge we faced was to present the ideas that the song suggested in a visually unique way – by building an independent artist’s nightmare world. We built and designed a custom set from scratch, assembled eight courageous actors and a devoted team, and made some music video magic. This video was funded by Alyssa Marie’s passionate fanbase via IndieGoGo. Even though we started with nothing more than the change in our pockets, we ended up working with $4000 thanks to the love and support of music and music video lovers around the world.

Ask the Artist

Lindsay created the most amazing music video I have been a part of for my song “No Strings Attached”. She was the brains, visionary, director, and editor and went completely above and beyond what I expected. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to work with her again. Cherry on top: she is a pleasure to be around and a great person.
Alyssa Marie, Hip Hop Artist